East Midlands ERDF Challenge Fund

There is a final call for projects under the East Midlands ERDF programme.

The Challenge Fund is asking for projects which will help meet the objects of the East Midlands ERDF Competitiveness programme. These are, broadly speaking, to promote economic growth and support business and job creation and can be submitted under both Priority Axes:

  • Priority Axis 1 - Increasing productivity through innovation and sustainable business practice
  • Priority Axis 2 - Increasing sustainable economic and enterprise activity in disadvantaged communities.

90% of the Challenge Fund is ring fenced for large projects with a minimum ERDF threshold of £5million that will deliver significant and tangible returns on economic growth. The remaining 10% of the Challenge Fund is set aside for smaller projects with a minimum ERDF threshold of £500,000. Although priority will be given to applications which meet the minimum thresholds, applications which do not meet these will not be excluded.

Organisations intending to submit an outline application should discuss their project concept with the Department for Communities and Local Government team based in Nottingham beforehand to confirm likely eligibility under the call.

The closing date for submitting large project Outline Applications (£2million ERDF and above) is noon on Friday 22 March 2013. The closing date for submitting small project Outline Applications (below £2million ERDF) is noon on Friday 12 April 2013.

Full information is available from www.gov.uk/applying-for-erdf-funding#applying-in-the-east-midlands