Engaging People and Communities Board: delivery of the NHSE Five Year Forward View.



The Five Year Forward View sets out a vision of a better NHS and the steps that need to be taken within the health system and by external partners to achieve that vision.

Chapter 2 of the Five Year Forward View looks to a future of a health system with a new relationship with patients and communities and sets out a series of commitments in relation to empowering patients, supporting carers, promoting volunteering, and engaging the voluntary sector and communities.

NHS England has harnessed the resources of the voluntary and community sector through the Peoples and Communities Board, chaired by Jeremy Taylor of National Voices.

The board sits alongside the other boards which make up the governance arrangements for the delivery of the Five Year Forward View. It will engage a wider community of stakeholders in its work and is supported by the NHS England directorate of patients and information.

The People and Communities Board will work though the members, including Regional Voices within the 4 NHS England regions; developing stronger relationships with the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, including: 


  • Improve local commissioning with the voluntary, community and social enterprises [VCSE] – supporting CCG’s with commissioning small local VCSE organisations


  • Contributing to the development of a ‘Standard Contract Light’ - for smaller, VCSE organisations; as set out in the 5 Year Forward View


  • Primary Care Commissioning – to support local VCSE to better involved in the commissioning of primary care


  • Service re-design and new models of delivery – Identifying ways in which the VCSE sector could be better involved in designing new models of care


Regional Voices role will be in supporting the delivery of the work of the Board both nationally and regionally though its partner organisations, including One East Midlands and Wellbeing East by:


  • Developing proportionate funding mechanisms for the voluntary sector


  • [System Facing] Better supported regional engagement between NHS Commissioners, the VCSE and the people it supports


  • [VCSE Facing] Increasing VCSE understanding of the involvement in service redesign and promoting new models of care


To find out more about One East Midlands and Wellbeing East's work in supporting the Engaging Patients and Communities Programme Board's delivery of the NHSE Five Year Forward View, please contact Jayne Quantrill - Health and Wellbeing Coordinator One East Midlands and Wellbeing East at jaynequantrill@one-em.org.uk