Lloyds TSB Foundation Community Programme

The Lloyds TSB Foundations' Community Programme, which focuses on core and project funding for local charities with an income of less than £1million, is interested in supporting work that improves social and community involvement, improves life choices and chances and helps people be heard. Grants are made appropriate to the size and needs of the charity and funding is available for core costs, including salaries and rent, as well as project costs. Charities must be able to produce two years of accounts and be able to demonstrate that they have been delivering services to disadvantaged people for at least two years and that their annual income is at least £5,000.

Charities interested in applying to the programme should complete the eligibility questionnaire at www.lloydstsbfoundations.org.uk/HowtoApply/Pages/HowToApply.aspx. Eligible charities will within three to four weeks of their enquiry by a Grant Manager to discuss their funding needs.