A new direction for One East Midlands

One East Midlands is still active trying to fill the significant gap left by its current dormant state.

A new Board has been elected and a meeting of those interested in developing a way forward was held in January 2016. Over 30 People attended with a general agreement to discuss the issues.

The motivating presentation is available below.

Overwhelming consensus that there was great value placed on the independence of One East Midlands in “interpreting” between the sector and statutory and public bodies, and that few if any organisations were equipped to take that up.

It was also widely felt that, in the coming period, geographic scope was not a “priority issue” but should be resolved as and when need and potential activities were identified. Several “theme” priorities were identified – with the universally cited general issue of “poverty” (including health, social inclusion, empowerment, inequalities and all other manifestations, impacts and causes) clearly central …

The Board are working with partners to see what may be achieved over the next few months.

Updates will be posted on the OEM website from time to time.