D2N2 Active Engagement Officer appointed

The D2N2 LEP is pleased to welcome a familiar face, Rachel Quinn, into the role of Active Engagement Officer for the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership.  The role, jointly managed by One East Midlands, will promote and support the active engagement of the voluntary, community sector and social enterprise organisations in the work of D2N2. 

Rachel’s specific role will include:

  • the creation of communication channels into and out of the VCS;
  • supporting sector representatives with D2N2;
  • supporting the work of the Social Inclusion and Equalities Advisory Group;
  • development of D2N2 programmes and calls with strong community or inclusion focus (e.g. the Community Programme) and;
  • encouraging groups to bid for, run and manage effectively D2N2 programmes – including European funded programmes. 

To enable this to happen, Rachel will be actively seeking routes to communicate with the VCS more effectively and welcomes input from organisations about how this can best happen.

The role is partly funded by European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) Technical Assistance and partly by D2N2.  It is therefore envisaged that support and engagement across all LEP activities will be made enabled.

Rachel is contactable via email Rachel.quinn@d2n2lep.org or mobile: 07551 124225.