Regional Social Prescribing Conference for East of England - 7 February 2017

The National Social Prescribing Network & NHSE: Regional Social Prescribing Conference for East of England

Date: Tuesday 7 February 2017

Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Venue: Shendish Manor, Apsley, Hertfordshire

Keynote Speaker: Dr Michael Dixon, Co-Chair of National Social Prescribing Network and NHSE’s national Social Prescribing Champion


Bring together key players from health, local government and voluntary sector to explore the benefits of social prescribing (one of the ten high impact actions identified in General Practice Forward View as critical to reducing demand on primary care)

Highlight community-centred approaches to managing long-term conditions, reducing social isolation and improving mental health

Look at the role of social prescribing in transformation, improving health and wellbeing outcomes and reducing demand on primary and acute care and formal social care


This event is aimed at:

·         CCGs

·         STP footprints

·         Local Government

·         Public Health

·         General Practitioners

·         The Voluntary Sector

·         Clients/patients with experience of using social prescribing


This interactive event will share national and local evidence of impact, consider available models, funding arrangements, programme start up and what support may be needed over time to manage governance, risk and evaluate impact.


Objectives: By the close of the day, participants will:

•         Have a full understanding of social prescribing models

•         Have access to the evidence and potential for reducing system pressures

•         Find out about toolkits/colleagues with expertise – that can help with development of SP

•         Connect with ‘good practice’ in SP

•         Be invited to take part in developing a regional social prescribing network in the East of England


A full invitation with programme will be sent out later in the month.

To register please go to:


For further information, please contact Tim Anfilogoff :

Herts Valleys CCG on behalf of The National Social Prescribing Network & NHSE

07900 161673