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This page contains material of practical benefit to the development of VCS organisations. Content includes information on training, resources, quality standards, governance and fundraising.

How community groups improve people’s lives

The existence of a million under-the-radar community groups that provide vital services and support could be in peril, according to the latest research from the Community Development Foundation.

How good are websites at helping charities to be transparent?

Charities are better at talking about transparency than actually being transparent, according to a new report from the nfpSynergy, which examines how easy it is to find information on the websites of 50 charities.

Registering of merged charities

The Charity Commission has updated its information on when merging charities should inform the commission of their merger.

2014 State of the Not-for-Profit Industry report

The proportion of UK charities reporting no income from gift aid increased eight percentage points to 50 per cent this year, according to the 2014 State of the Not-for-Profit Industry report.

Analysis of Transforming Local Infrastructure

The government’s £30million Transforming Local Infrastructure programme created many successful projects, but did not share the lessons learned among participating organisations effectively, according to a new report published by NAVCA.

Charity corporate partnerships

Partnerships between companies and charities are becoming longer and worth more money to charities, according to the Corporate NGO Partnerships Barometer, a new report from the consultancy C&E Advisory..

Amended lobbying act guidance

The Electoral Commission has made amendments to its original guidance on the lobbying act.

Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns

The charity sector does not do enough to measure whether its campaigning achieves its goals, according to Closing in on Change: Measuring the effectiveness of your campaign, a report published by think tank NPC.

Volunteering worth £34billion a year

Volunteering is worth £34billion a year in support of public services in the UK, new research by the innovation charity Nesta estimates.

Review of charity mergers for 2013/14

Four percent of people working in the charity sector were involved in a merger last year, according to a new study of mergers in the sector.


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