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The voluntary and community sector has made significant contributions to health and wellbeing, often reaching areas and communities that have been difficult to reach by mainstream health and social care providers. One East Midlands aims to keep the voluntary and community sector informed about these changes and where possible contribute to policy and strategy development.

Survey launched: voluntary sector involvement in local public health commissioning

Are you an employee or a volunteer involved in management/governance within the VCSE sector? If so, a research team led by Durham University, in collaboration with VONNE (the Voluntary Organisations' Network North East) and the Universities of York and Coventry is seeking your views, through an online survey, of changes in health and wellbeing services since public health responsibilities were transferred to local government in April 2013, and how VCSE organisations are being involved.

New Better Data webpage

One East Midlands has launched a new web page for ‘Better Data: Making the third sector business case for health improvement in the East Midlands’, which has been designed to support the development of the wider integration and transformation agenda across health and social care.

Better Data: Applying public health data to build the business case for your service

Thursday, 19 March, 2015 - 10:00 to 16:00

This event, which builds upon the success of the Better Data events delivered last year, is designed to support third sector organisations to access a range of free and readily available public health data sources to build business cases for the provision of community based health and wellbeing services. The event will include contributions from speakers representing Public Health England, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Local Authorities and the Third Sector.

Sustainability and Transformation Plans - . Midlands and East region


Sustainability and Transformation Plans

Empowering Patients and Communities -The six principles for New Care Models:

Empowering patients and communities

The Forward View into Action: New Care Models: update and initial support – July 2015 (section: 4.2) states the importance of  “Fully harnessing the energy of patients, local people and diverse communities requires a new model of partnership. In order to support this new relationship, the Five Year Forward View People and Communities Board, working with patients, the voluntary sector and vanguards, has set out six principles for new care models”

Health & Social Care Reforms and the 5yr Forward View: reconfiguration, integration and the new care models in the East of England

Health and social care in England is going through a period of significant change. A range of national programmes are changing the way services are delivered, to align every-day practice with the vision set out in the five year forward view (5YFV)



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