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The voluntary and community sector has made significant contributions to health and wellbeing, often reaching areas and communities that have been difficult to reach by mainstream health and social care providers. One East Midlands aims to keep the voluntary and community sector informed about these changes and where possible contribute to policy and strategy development.

Health & Social Care Reform and the NHS 5yr Forward View: reconfiguration, integration and new care models in the East Midlands

Health and social care in England is going through a period of significant change. A range of national programmes are changing the way services are delivered, to align every-day practice with the vision set out in the five year forward view (5YFV).

The 5YFV covers a number of themes, such as the importance of public health and ill-health prevention, empowering patients and communities, strengthening primary care and making further efficiencies within the health service.


While there is national direction and oversight of these programmes, how they work in practice will be determined locally. To ensure that the Third sector are key to health and social care integration and transforamtion not an optional extra, the voluntary community and social need to engage in and influence these programmes as they develop.



Integrated Care Pioneers

Integrated Care Pioneers

In 2013, national partners asked local areas (NHS and local government together) to express an interest in becoming pioneers to act as exemplars, demonstrating the use of ambitious and innovative approaches to efficiently deliver integrated care. Following an independent selection process, 14 Pioneer sites across England were announced in November 2013. The selection process was then repeated in the autumn of 2014, and a further 11 Pioneer sites joined the programme in January 2015.

Blackburn with Darwen Pathfinder post-event page 6/8/15 is a programme of work focussed on collecting and linking information from across health and care settings and may eventually bring significant benefits for the health of the nation. 

The aim of the programme is to increase the range and detail of information that is collected across health and social care services, then to securely connect that information together and make it available to:

New Care Models: Vanguard Sites in the East Midlands and East of England

The East Midlands and East of England Vanguard Sites are part of what is known as the New Care Models Programme, a new initiative by NHS England to support the implementation of its The Five Year Forward View (5YFV).

Engaging People and Communities Board: delivery of the NHSE Five Year Forward View.

The Five Year Forward View sets out a vision of a better NHS and the steps that need to be taken within the health system and by external partners to achieve that vision. 

Introduction to the New Care Models – Vanguard Sites January 2015 the NHS invited individual organisations and partnerships, including those with the voluntary sector to apply to become Vanguard sites for the New Care Models Programme.

Better Data: applying public health data to build the business case for your service 19/3/15 - post event page



Better data: Applying Public Health data to make the business case for your serviceevent took place in Derby on 19 March 2015.


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